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✓ with adjustable neck
✓ 2 in 1: collar and leash
✓ fixed hand strap
✓ handmade in our factory

Our WOOFED. Biothane retriever leash is ideal for dogs that run around a lot and like to go swimming. You can simply pull the leash over your dog's head and he won't get caught on branches or anything like that when he's free running. Does your dog like to swim and is an absolute water rat? That's what our WOOFED is for. Biothane retriever leash is perfect because it means the collar and leash don't get wet. You can easily adjust the collar to suit your dog using the sliders.

The specified leash length is reduced by the size of the collar.

Line width : 19mm

Material : Biothane®

Important: Adjust the leash exactly to the circumference of your dog's neck. It should be neither too tight nor too loose. Under no circumstances should the leash choke your dog!

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    Biothane Retrieverleine mit fester Handschlaufe - WOOFED.
    Biothane retriever leash 19mm Sale price€29,90
    Biothane Retrieverleine verstellbar 19mm - WOOFED.

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